Hypothesis Mapping
Identifying Goals and Creating a Strategy
to Achieve Them
Structure of the Hypothesis Mapping Method
Describing the traceability from tasks to goals
  • 1
    What criteria will we use at the end of the work to determine that we have succeeded?
  • 2
    Whose life do we want to change through the implementation of the hypothesis, so that the change in their life leads us to the goal?
  • 3
    The idea through which we will change the behavior of the subject. At this level, we describe the key ideas of our product — what will ultimately help us achieve the goal. If we compile the description of hypotheses into a single document, we can create a unique value proposition that is understandable to the subjects and changes their lives in a way that is beneficial to us.
  • 4
    Task for Hypothesis Validation
    This is a list of tasks through which we will validate our hypotheses.
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Presentation of the Method
This method is designed to more accurately determine the cause-and-effect relationships between goals, tasks, and hypotheses for achieving goals.
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